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Like a ghost playing the saxophone, this is where imagination comes to play.

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Michael is an artist, designer and communications expert, or so he says. Most of the stuff you’ll find on this site, the design, writing, creative and art belongs to him, mostly…

“The web is amazing at content, terrible with context. That’s what’s next. Finding ways to quickly embed and express context within content.”

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Michael works with clients around the globe on a wide variety of creative projects. He is also accomplished photographer and videographer with over two decades of experience. He turns your vivid imagination into reality, simple as that.

Michael is also a professional writer and screenplay composer. In the past, he has blogged for the Huffington Post, Éclat International and Psychology Today.

Notes on Living Through History in the Making

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Manifestos, Reinventions & Declarations is a commentary on this unprecedented moment in history. This is a book about Now. The New Now we’re living in and going through. We’re living in a time when a day can feel like it goes on forever. And since billions of us are going through the same experience at the exact same moment in history, we can all be shifting the world culture together.


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Michael likes to make websites. Check out his latest portfolio.

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Michael’s experience in graphics, marketing, illustration and video production fill an essential need in advertising agencies, printing companies, and design firms.

Some of the clients Michael has worked with include: Microsoft, US – Japan Business Council, JW Merc, Reliance Accounting, PepsiCo, RAINN (co-founded by Tori Amos & Sarah McLaughlin), Chicagoland Speedway, Richard Shay Photography, The British Embassy in the United States, Ben Hollis Worldwide, and Aphex. His previous television work has gained the interest of major studios such as Dreamworks SKG.

Design Portfolio
Art Consultant Portfolio

art consultants portfolio

Currently, Michael’s is creating an exclusive series of digital prints along with his previous collection of abstract work to create a collection of imagery especially for art consultants. His modern art style infused with classical techniques creates images that are simultaneously trend-setting and accessible for a wide variety of demographics. They are perfect for the hospitality industry.

Latest News

Life in Purgatory: A New Short Film

This was really just supposed to be a two minute clip for the The Roger Corman Quarantine Film Festival but it turned into this whole thing. We shot it over a weekend, edited and [...]

News Digital Character Illustrations

I've been working in digital illustration since 2019. Namely, I'm using a Samsung TabA Tablet wit a Bamboo Tip Stylus (until that broke after a couple of months... switched to an Adonit Dash 3), [...]

“I Feel Loved” at the Blackstone Hotel

Happy 2019 everyone. In case you happen to be in downtown Chicago, I invite you to check out my painting, as well as a selection of artists from The Elephant Room Gallery, at the [...]

Latest Work: 2018 Series “Bloodletting”

Here are a few samples from the latest series of paintings and illustrations by Michael. In Voyage Chicago Magazine, Michael discusses the project. "These days, I’m focusing on the characters within the painting, taking [...]

“Professionals have spent a lot more time doing what they love to do. There’s an illusion that an amateur can always be just as good as a professional, but that’s only under the most ideal conditions. I can honestly say that because as any professional will tell you, you’ve spent a lot of time as an amateur in way over your head.”

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