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Life in Purgatory: A New Short Film

This was really just supposed to be a two minute clip for the The Roger Corman Quarantine Film Festival but it turned into this whole thing. We shot it over a weekend, edited and [...]

News Digital Character Illustrations

I've been working in digital illustration since 2019. Namely, I'm using a Samsung TabA Tablet wit a Bamboo Tip Stylus (until that broke after a couple of months... switched to an Adonit Dash 3), [...]

“I Feel Loved” at the Blackstone Hotel

Happy 2019 everyone. In case you happen to be in downtown Chicago, I invite you to check out my painting, as well as a selection of artists from The Elephant Room Gallery, at the [...]

Latest Work: 2018 Series “Bloodletting”

Here are a few samples from the latest series of paintings and illustrations by Michael. In Voyage Chicago Magazine, Michael discusses the project. "These days, I’m focusing on the characters within the painting, taking [...]

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Voyage Chicago Article: Check out Michael Foster’s Artwork

Michael was recently featured in Voyage Chicago. "Today we’d like to introduce you to Michael Foster. Michael, we’d love to hear your story and how you got to where you are today both personally and as an artist. When I was in second grade, our classroom assignment was to draw [...]

New York in November / Photo Gallery

This was just one of those things, Jaime and I had an art show outside of New York. We've been to Paris, London, pretty much everywhere except New York City. It was a long overdue trip and as enjoyable as one could imagine. You can't help but to take [...]

Art Expo Opening Night Party at the River Town Film Festival

On Friday November 10th we were delighted to have our artwork featured of the Art Expo Opening Night Party for the 1st annual River Town Film Festival. The inaugural River Town Film Festival & Art Expo takes took place on November 10-12 at The Red Mill, a historical landmark [...]

Pet Portraits

All About Pet Portraits Artist Jaime Foster drives the Pet Project with her unique pet portraits. Visit her site by clicking below. VISIT JAIME FOSTER'S WEBSITE Michael also does them as well... "As I'm not just creating a standard run-of-the-mill pet portrait, but one of my signature abstract modern art paintings [...]

Michael’s in Wirehouse Co Art Show Series #7: Struggle

Wirehouse Co. decided to throw another gallery event for their seventh series and landed on the theme STRUGGLE for the night. We welcomed the biggest number of artists we had ever featured- a whopping 11 visual artists! We held the event at Homiey in Humboldt Park and had an [...]


Chicago Comic Con : Reinventing Pop Culture as a Visual Language

Some say the American Empire is folding, others say it is just beginning. Regardless of your position, one cannot deny the cultural impact America currently has upon the world. With the advent of mass media in the 20th century, the stage has been set for a new cultural revolution led by the United States. Presented here is the first 20 minutes of the lecture.

PechaKucha 20×20: Reinventing Perceived Value, Space, and Time Through Modern Art

From prehistoric cave paintings to Jackson Pollack, art emotionally defines a society. Sadly, we tend to devalue art because it does not directly fulfill basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. Artist and designer Michael Foster discusses how viewing modern art will confront someone with socially acquired patterns of feelings, thoughts, and actions—in a fairly safe environment. And he will demonstrate the secrets and motivations behind his own work.

The Reinvention Project: Articles and Essays on Technology

For several years, Michael Foster and Russell C. Smith wrote for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today about the rapid pace of technology and society. Living in the Age of Reinvention is a project aimed at the minds and hearts of everyone who is determined as never before to change their lives and become a participant in the new world of reinvention, The Reinvention Project incorporates stories, speculations and theories on current world events, twentieth and twenty-first century mass media, current social media and business trends, ancient cultures and myths, the Singularity, art and culture, discoveries in particle physics, and studies in human psychology and how we interact with new technology and the web. You can view the entire body of work on this website.