What can be said about logos that hasn’t already been said? I think many design firms tell you they conduct detailed research to guarantee an effective graphic representation of your company, then proceed to hand off the project to an intern. It’s that kind of snake oil design that bugs the hell out of me. I don’t think a company needs to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a unique trademark, but considering the logo is the one true visual representation of your entire business endeavor for years to come, it needs to be created with extreme care and consideration.

Design Portfolio

The Design Portfolio

Michael’s experience in graphics, marketing, illustration, and video production fills an essential need in advertising agencies, printing companies, and design firms.

Some of the clients Michael has worked with include: Microsoft, US-Japan Business Council, JW Merc, Reliance Accounting, PepsiCo, RAINN (co-founded by Tori Amos & Sarah McLaughlin), Chicagoland Speedway, Richard Shay Photography, The British Embassy in the United States, Ben Hollis Worldwide, and Aphex. In addition, his previous television work has gained the interest of major studios such as Dreamworks SKG.