Larry’s cafe comics

Michael began drawing Larry’s comics way back in 1988 when it was known as “Space Age.” Periodically he revisits the world of Larry, Matthew, Carol, Sadie and Kyle with a series of new cartoons.

larry returns

Just in time for it’s 30th anniversary, Larry ‘s Cafe will return for a limited series starting in December of 2017, picking up three years since we last left our beloved characters.

New comics will appear on the Larry’s Cafe Comics Facebook page and will be added on a semi-daily basis.


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Larry runs a coffee shop in Seattle. He’s an alien. He deals with a lot of crazy customers, most of them are human. Matthew, one of his regulars is a quirky idealist that never actually orders coffee. Kyle and Carol are a newly married couple still working out the kinks in their relationship. And Sadie, an old friend of Larry’s and the object of Matthew’s affection, helps Larry run the shop when he’s out of town. Oh, and there’s a robot on the loose that wants to destroy the planet. Just another day in Seattle.

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