the politics of a post traumatic world / bloodletting

What does it mean to be post-modern? Where is our world headed? How do we answer the essential questions about the meaning of life? You know, the small stuff.

In this series, Michael explores the concept of dealing with existential horror and the looming threat of non-existence. Because if you can’t get pretentious about the end of the world, what can you get pretentious about?

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The Art Portfolio

Michael’s work continues the visual analogy of civilization coping with Moore’s Law through the lens of the subconscious. Distorted handwritten notes and encrypted keyword ciphers are interwoven throughout mysterious structures and various abstractions, including comic illustrations and other non-specific futuristic forms.

The result is a data landscape of today’s anxious subconscious mind, presenting how we remember life events and interpret the kinetic surfaces and essences of the environment and emotions that we are sometimes reluctantly embedded within. And they look great on your wall.

Design Portfolio