The New Now

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I feel like this book belongs alongside Timothy Snyder’s “20 Lessons On Tyranny” as required reading for the 21st Century.
– Alisa Kennedy Jones, author of
Gotham Girl Interrupted: My Misadventures in Motherhood, Love, and Epilepsy.

The New Now has arrived. We are the people we’ve been waiting for.

The New Now / Manifestos, Reinventions & Declarations / Updated & Expanded is an insightful, free-thinking, Neo-Beatnik uplifting collection of manifestos and essays about the New Now we’re living through. After a global pandemic rolled across and ravaged our land, we can more easily understand how historic and prehistoric events happened. Deeply embedded, wrongheaded, calcified cultural norms are being pushed against as never before, and we can understand how societal shifts happened in past centuries – within months, days, or hours, and when a tipping point was finally reached.

The Article Archives 2012-2017

Living in the Age of Reinvention is a project aimed at the minds and hearts of everyone who is determined as never before to change their lives and become a participant in the new world of reinvention.The Reinvention Project incorporates stories, speculations and theories on current world events, twentieth and twenty-first century mass media, current social media and business trends, ancient cultures and myths, the Singularity, art and culture, discoveries in particle physics, and studies in human psychology and how we interact with new technology and the web.

“In a time when more information is available to more people than at any point in history, it’s time to step back and assess what an overload of digital data does to human minds at different life stages.”

“Reinvention can be a kind of apotheosis – a chance to turn yourself inside-out. You can have a de-centering and re-centering of self, and in this newly fractured world, perception is pushed beyond all previous limits and all mental models of the world have to be upgraded. Thinking is deconditioned, and one experiences afresh what Dr. Leary called “the hardly bearable ecstasy of direct energy exploding on your nerve endings.”
Jason Silva, Host of Brain Games

Russell C. Smith

After escaping from Florida in 1978, Russell C. Smith arrived in New York City near the end of one era and the start of another. He lived in New York City from 1978-1986, studied Life Drawing at the Art Students League of N.Y. and took writing workshops at St. Mark’s Poetry Project. His poetry was published in The Little Magazine and The World in the 1980s, and he gave readings at St. Mark’s Poetry Project and ABC No Rio. At night he worked security at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and soaked up visual art from multiple centuries and countries while working there, and spent countless hours at the Museum of Modern Art and Midtown and SoHo art galleries. From these influences, as well as a diverse group of experiences such as attending Experimental Theater performances by The Wooster Group and going to readings in New York by poets and novelists, Russell received an unconventional arts and writing education.

He has lived in Seattle, Washington since 1987, and arrived before Coffee, Computers, and Grunge put Seattle on the map. As a marketing copywriter with over 12 years experience, Russell C. Smith writes and edits website content for a range of businesses, and writes just about everything under the umbrella of marketing. Having promoted many other people/businesses on the web, he’s well positioned to promote a nonfiction book on the theme of reinvention in person, online, using the multiple marketing methods currently available, such as e-books, blogging, and reading and networking events. Russell is also currently at work on a Young Adult paranormal mystery set in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Michael Foster

Michael Foster is a futurist, web designer, photographer, game designer, a cinema fanatic, and a visual designer. His varied career in digital and traditional media makes him a prime candidate to understand what it means to live in the age of reinvention. He began his careers in multimedia working in television, where he produced and directed 13 television programs when he was 20-years-old, including Barcelona, a pilot episode requested by Dreamworks SKG. Michael snagged his first professional illustration project when he was 14, drawing children’s menus for a chain of restaurants in the Southwest United States. He wrote a screenplay based on the Peanuts characters, which is included in the Charles M. Schulz Museum archives.

As a seasoned graphic designer, Michael has developed websites and advertising campaigns for businesses such as Dreamworks SKG, PepsiCo, Microsoft, TenderPaws Yoga, Four Winds Casino Shuttle, Clearsounds, The Country House Restaurant, and Chicagoland Speedway.

Michael paints in a re-modernist style, which involves the interaction between individuals dealing with the abundance of information we process everyday. With acrylics and India ink on canvas, he creates an abstract world to represent information and data in raw form around the subjects in the paintings. Michael has exhibited in over 30 art shows over the past decade.