A collaborative band of four Chicago artists, creating visual harmonies. Artists – Barry Dwyer, Jaime Foster, Andy Christopoulos, and Michael William Foster

About the Collaboration

Four artists working on one canvas creates a dynamic effect for each painting.  In addition to the band, celebrated guest artists on some works include Luis Sahagun and Karl Gerzan. Like the official BJAM Facebook page for the latest news.


Make Contact and Discuss BJAM

Although BJAM is no longer is an ongoing project, for inquiries about the individual artists or the history of the BJAM collaboration, please contact us by email at

Andy Christopoulos

Andy’s artwork is focused on mankind’s spirit of inquisitiveness and passion for exploration. Through his explorations in art, he has discovered his passion for exploration and the curiosity about the world he lives in are never quenched.

Jaime Foster

Jaime likes to encompass the details and intricate patterns of nature in an abstract way. Her abstractions are not only inspired by physical locations and natural formations, but also driven by deep concerns for the environment and the welfare of our planet.

Michael Foster

Much of Michael’s work involves the interaction between individuals dealing with the abundance of information we pro- cess on a daily basis. He uses acrylics and india ink on canvas to create an abstract work that visually represents information and data in its raw form, to focus on the basis of interaction between the viewer and the “abstract” conversation that is taking place.

Barry Dwyer

Each piece Barry creates flows out of him in the moment. He claims that he didn’t create it, but the pieces create themselves.. His process of being truly in the moment and allowing creativity to flow is Barry’s gateway to his higher self. “I awaken to the infinitely constant the interwoven streaming momentary finding mySelf residing in its objective abundant reality”. Barry’s style has been defined as “simplistic complexity”. Visit his website.