Russell Smith and Michael Foster Appear on The In-Between Show with Carrie & Alex

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Russell and I were just on the "In-Between Show with Carrie & Alex." We talked about our new book Manifestos, Reinventions & Declarations as well as a bit of history about ourselves. It was a nice interview that really got into the meaning behind our book, our vision and the kinds of advice we [...]

Michael Does Breakfast With Sergio, Talks About the New Book

By |2022-10-28T20:59:07+00:00July 28th, 2020|Books, Reinvention|

In this episode, Sergio chats with artist and co-author of the book Manifestos Reinventions & Declarations, Michael Foster. The book is a commentary on this unprecedented moment in history. This is a book about Now. The New Now we’re living in and going through. We’re living in a time when a day can feel [...]

The Reinvention Movement: Claim Your Uniqueness

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Every day people who never imagined themselves as inventors, business owners, culture shifters, and reinventors have begun exploring all those unexplored sides of who they are, and what they might become.

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