There’s a revolution happening, a culture-shifting revolution, one that’s non-violent and totally transformative. You’ve joined the Reinvention Revolution if you know the revolution’s already underway, and you’re paying more attention to how the changes are occurring at a faster rate. Another sign that you’ve joined is you wake up energized, your mind full of questions, and you’re focused and ready to make something new.

If you have gone deeper into personal, career, mind-body, creative life alterations over the past several years, and you’ve made these alterations and renewals a fundamental part of your being, and know you’ll go even deeper and become more committed to creating powerful positive change in every area of your life, you’ve become a revolutionary on the side of reinvention.

You’ve been a big fan of communication your whole life, but now communicating new ideas, exploring ongoing thought transformation, getting overwhelmed by creative expression in every form, creating in forms and modes of communication you’ve never tried before, beginning and following through on multiple projects, and connecting all of this to the community of your choosing is a sign you’re aligned with the Reinvention Revolution.

When you listen to your gut instincts, you get bold answers and direction that’s sometimes so on target it’s like your instincts know more than any other part of you. Reinvention can speak to the deepest part of your being, the primal core. We’ve ended a time of stagnation, and we’ve begun an age where people, companies, and cultures are all in the world-shifting process of reinvention. Sometimes a culture enters a long phase of stability and comfort, and other times disruption and violent upheaval. If our culture is rewarding risk-takers more than stability-seekers, what does that say to you?

In our digitally meta-connected world, where answers are all within fingertip reach, sometimes the only useful question in the Reinvention Revolution is: Where to begin? Often, it’s the small victories than make a day or a week memorable. Small changes can snowball and help create the type of life you’ve always wanted. How do you implement these ideas? If you’re a big picture person, focus on the details. If you work best by poring over details, take a break and see what the wide-angle view looks like. Sometimes the trick is to make small, daily adjustments, and work toward bigger goals. But putting off working on big projects can also turn into its own trap. Goals are achieved by committing to daily actions and doing the work.

Reinvention happens as a process, and when you focus on the idea on reinvention, you’ll see how many people in so many life stages are creating a new perspective and reinventing who they are and what they are capable of doing.