In the spirit of award-winning indie romantic comedy/dramas from the early 2000’s, From Chicago to Osaka is a screenplay written for the modern era. With fast-paced ping pong comedic dialogue in both English and Japanese, From Chicago to Osaka is the quintessential date movie for adults looking for something smart, sophisticated, and highly entertaining.

The screenplay is written as a two-hour small-to-low budget independent film that highlights the locations and people of Osaka, in the same way Ferris Bueller’s Day Off did for Chicago. With a relatively small cast of characters, the logistics of shooting this film should be quite manageable and affordable for any production studio.

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Sometimes you find love 6,437 miles away.

Suffering from PTSD, a painter heads to Osaka for an upcoming art show where he falls in love with a spirited Japanese woman with an unfaithful fiancé.

145 Pages (Second Draft)

110 Minutes


Still traumatized after a mass shooting, Chicago artist and designer Dylan Davis flies to Osaka as one of five guests for an upcoming group art show at the Midori Art Gallery. An old work associate, Skip Mitchell, who’s covering the story for the ad agency Dylan currently works at, tags along for the free ride. Dylan reconnects with an old college buddy, Kaito Kaneda, now a family man, who longs for his more carefree days with Dylan at Northwestern University in Chicago eight years ago. Secretly, Kaneda is working on a plan to get Dylan a job at his Japanese robotics company.

After overhearing a hilariously harsh critique of his paintings, Dylan introduces himself to Haru Nomura, the assistant director at the gallery. Just prior to their introduction, Haru caught her fiance cheating on her with the female drummer of his struggling rock band. Haru’s aunt, Futaba Fujisawa, owns the gallery.

For the next few days, Haru and Dylan unpack the emotional toll recent events have taken on their lives while visiting many landmarks and tourist destinations in the Osaka region. Dylan has lost faith in his home, and Haru has lost faith in her love life.  Together, they just might find the solace they’ve been searching for.

This script has been registered at the Writers Guild of America East.