How lucky do you feel today? Are you waiting for luck to happen to you, or are you in the business of making your own luck? Is luck a matter of knowing the right people, or being the right person?

People are reinventing their lives to start again. They are seeking better luck in life – reaching out and trying in ways they never tried before, doing what they were never able to do up until now. Some people seem to have a lucky streak that lasts forever, and others call out for luck and only hear their own voice echoing back in response.

Learning how to do what you want to do, doing the preparation, laying the groundwork, and sure, going to the places where you’re most likely to meet the right people are a part of making luck happen. Even in our mobile web world, luck is as much related to geography as it is to grit, persistence, talent, and connectivity.

In the same way luck is on everyone’s mind, so is reinvention. When a career path or a business model is reinvented, it’s done to make things better, to improve the luck of the person or company. No one makes big changes hoping for worse luck. The dice are rolled and the fingers stay crossed. If the stars are aligned, a big helping of better arrives in a timely manner.

When we delve deeper into the possibilities surrounding reinvention – whether it involves a career, a relationship, or a healthy lifestyle choice, we see people often coming at it from a point of resistance instead of acceptance. But if you resist new ideas and push away concepts that seem strange, you might never know how open you might’ve been to the next idea that would’ve changed things in a huge way.

No one invests in the stock market or buys a lottery ticket with the intention of losing. Our culture cheers on smart winner and lucky winners alike. Luck can happen in an instant, or be the reward at the end of a long journey. Successful businesspeople will tell you luck is a big part of how they got where they are. But along the way they needed to connect, work hard, and find the right opportunities. It usually takes years to create an overnight success. In many ways, having luck is knowing one must always be building a foundation to increase the chances for luck to happen.

Creating your own luck has become both easier and more difficult in the age of big data. Gigabytes of data are sifted through each day, foretelling the fortunes and downfall of people and companies. Randomly generated predictions have become the norm, and there’s always one more piece of critical data that will add to the luck factor.But statistics without the human element reduces us, rather than enlarges us. Maybe above all, luck’s got to have heart, and a renewed wish to reinvigorate, rebound, and constantly renew.

Yes is the answer everyone is chasing after these days. No matter what field and no matter at what stage of life. And why not dream of luckier days ahead? It’s still a fresh new century and a big part of all of us believes great good fortune is just around the next corner. After all, today could be your lucky day.