As we live each day, focused on changing ourselves and the world we live in for the better, we’re able to do so through questioning. It seems more and more people all across the world are asking why things are a certain way, and if the answer comes back, “It’s always been done this way” people are dissatisfied with the answer.

Situations change when you write thoughts down, ask questions aloud, and get a dialogue going. Asking questions matters. A deeper level of questioning helps to transform the world. If we don’t ask ourselves questions, we become stuck in the same habits and loops. Sometimes all it takes is a piece of paper, a blank page on a screen, or even a damp napkin to scribble thoughts down onto. The act of writing or speaking a question brings it up, makes it real. Thoughts only turn into things by acting on them.

Here are 22 questions to think about:

1. Can I do one thing today to make a difference in my community and the world?

2. What are the main things holding me back in life, and how do I get rid of them?

3. Am I as open to new possibilities as I can be?

4. What can I do differently today to begin making the changes I want to make in my life?

5. Do I settle for black and white answers, when a more nuanced response is often the better choice?

6. What do I want to spend the rest of my life doing?

7. How do I create more serendipity in my life?

8. What kind of world are we collectively creating or re-imagining?

9. What are you glad you never have to do again?

10. Who do I know that I can go for a walk with, and ask big questions out loud?

11. What is the one thing you look forward to doing every day?

12. What’s the one area of healing, culture, technology that will alter the most lives on the planet?

13. Who is the most ideal guide for creating sustainable community and change in your city?

14. What’s the smallest change I can make that will create the largest difference in my life, and might create a ripple effect and change more lives?

15. What choices have I made lately to create the future I want to see happen?

16. Are you ready to change history today, tomorrow, this week?

17. How do you imagine the future?

18. What am I creating that will outlive me?

19. What skills do I want to acquire so I can be where I envision myself being?

20. Why aren’t there more public forums where people can get genuine answers from leaders of corporations, politicians, healers, and artists?

21. What am I waiting for?

22. Is it time to start something new now?

The writing team of Smith and Foster comes from an extensive background of New Media content creation, in both the written and visual content creation side of the web. They are established professionals with writing and art backgrounds, unique perspectives on culture, and two diverse and similar backgrounds.