A series of two-minute films about a good cop and his two dogs planning to take down Johnny the Matchstick Man in 1920s Chicago. This is what happens when his wife leaves to dog sit for a week and he’s left to his own devices…

Done as a fun little side project, these little clips have become a bit of a novelty. Enjoy!

Part One

In this episode, a plot to take down Johnny the Matchstick Man is revealed, as well as the fate of poor Louie.

Part Two

In this episode, the raid of Johnny the Matchstick Man’s warehouse of bathtub gin does not go as expected.

Part Three

In this episode, we see the consequences of the raid, and the gin that is confiscated by the treasury department.

Part Four

In this episode, feeling threatened, Johnny the Matchstick Man makes an urgeny phone call to the treasury department.