Would Persona 5 Work as a Film Series? A Persona 5 Live-Action Movie Adaptation Synopsis

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An in-depth overview on how the greatest video game of all time could become the greatest film trilogy of this generation. The original Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trilogies were groundbreaking epic films that pushed the preconceived boundaries of entertainment aimed for a wide audience. With origin stories more in line with independent [...]

News Digital Character Illustrations

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I've been working in digital illustration since 2019. Namely, I'm using a Samsung TabA Tablet wit a Bamboo Tip Stylus (until that broke after a couple of months... switched to an Adonit Dash 3), utilizing programs such as Autodesk Sketchbook and ArtFlow. I have to admit the undo button is something that, after working [...]

Japan America Society of Chicago Annual Holiday Fundraiser Painting

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I'll be attending the 33rd Annual Holiday Fundraiser for the Japan America Society of Chicago, and I'll be donating a brand new painting "Amongst the Cherry Blossoms" for the Silent Auction. I hope to see you there! The Japan America Society of Chicago promotes dialogue, social interaction, cooperation and friendship among its members by [...]

Latest Work: 2018 Series “Bloodletting”

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Here are a few samples from the latest series of paintings and illustrations by Michael. In Voyage Chicago Magazine, Michael discusses the project. "These days, I’m focusing on the characters within the painting, taking some advice from Kimberly Atwood, owner of the Elephant Room Gallery in Chicago. In my previous works, the characters were [...]

Voyage Chicago Article: Check out Michael Foster’s Artwork

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Michael was recently featured in Voyage Chicago. "Today we’d like to introduce you to Michael Foster. Michael, we’d love to hear your story and how you got to where you are today both personally and as an artist. When I was in second grade, our classroom assignment was to draw our dreams for [...]

Pet Portraits

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All About Pet Portraits Artist Jaime Foster drives the Pet Project with her unique pet portraits. Visit her site by clicking below. VISIT JAIME FOSTER'S WEBSITE Michael also does them as well... "As I'm not just creating a standard run-of-the-mill pet portrait, but one of my signature abstract modern art paintings with your pet [...]