Fragile Tension

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fragile tension A new series of paintings by Naperville artists Jaime and Michael Foster were on display at Water Street Studios in Batavia throughout the month of March in 2024. The name of this two-person show is Fragile Tension. Their work has been shown in galleries throughout the US and internationally. As the days grow [...]

Convenience Story Q&A with March Schilling

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Here is a post-film Q&A with Mark Schilling, moderated by Chicago-based writer Michael Foster. Special thanks to Sophia Wong Boccio. Mark Schilling (born 1949)[1] is an American film critic, journalist, translator, and author based in Tokyo, Japan. He has written for The Japan Times, Variety, and Screen International. About the Movie [...]

Convenience Story Q&A on March 19th

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Coming up on March 19th, I'll be moderating a Q&A session with the renowned film critic Mark Schilling about the film based on his excellent short story. This is part of the Japanese Showcase Weekend for Sophia Wong Boccio's always impressive Asian Pop-Up Cinema event, this time at the AMC in Evanston. Come on [...]

Romancing Osaka 2: From the Japan Expert Insights Podcast

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Doc Kane and I were invited to speak at “Japan Expert Insights” by the renowned Maya Matsuoka and Tim Sullivan about the romantic comedy I wrote set in Osaka back in December. You can listen to the broadcast in its entirety here!And as always, thanks for the support.ドク・ケインと私は、著名な松岡茉優さんとティム・サリバンさんの「ジャパン・エキスパート・インサイト」に招かれ、12月に私が書いた大阪を舞台にしたラブコメについて話しました。この放送はここで全部聞くことができますよ。そして、いつもながら、応援ありがとうございます。

Romancing Osaka: From the Japan Expert Insights Podcast

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I was invited to speak at "Japan Expert Insights" by the renowned Maya Matsuoka and Tim Sullivan about a romantic comedy I wrote set in the city of Osaka, a film I'm currently working on with the fabulous Doc Kane. Honestly, I don't know if I'm an expert or not, but maybe I can [...]

Japanese Showcase at 2022’s Asian Pop-Up Cinema

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This weekend, there were four outstanding films presented for the Japanese Showcase at 2022's Asian Pop-Up Cinema, Season 15. It was a marvelous time, and there are many more films from South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many other locations showing in the coming weeks. Highly recommended. Special shout out to Sophia Wong Boccio [...]

From Chicago to Osaka [シカゴから大阪へ]: The Motion Picture

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In the spirit of award-winning indie romantic comedy/dramas from the early 2000's, From Chicago to Osaka is a screenplay written for the modern era. With fast-paced ping pong comedic dialogue in both English and Japanese, From Chicago to Osaka is the quintessential date movie for adults looking for something smart, sophisticated, and highly entertaining. [...]

Art, Advertising & U.S.-Japan Relations: Event by BLINK Community

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On January 22nd, I had the privilege to host an online event with The Blink Community in Tokyo. It was a fun talk and I was truly honored to be a part of it. Feel free to view the video above. If you're short on time, you can download my extensive [...]

Watch Michael on The Polymath Podcast with Dustin Miller

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Michael was featured as a guest the on the season three opener of the Polymath Podcast with Dustin Miller. They talk about the book "Manifestos, Reinventions and Declarations," the constant struggle to find inspiration, and allowing yourself to have bad days. Take a listen! "The Desk is the Yoga Mat" "Manifestos, Reinventions & Declarations is [...]

Would Persona 5 Work as a Film Series? A Persona 5 Live-Action Movie Adaptation Synopsis

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An in-depth overview of how one of the greatest video games of this generation could be translated into a highly successful film trilogy. (First published on November 14th, 2020. The latest revision was in May of 2022.) The Harry Potter and Hunger Games films were groundbreaking epics that pushed the [...]

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