The Future of Cinema: An Event for Blink Community Tokyo

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Here's a Quick Overview The Rundown: 1) Digital technology is making it virtually impossible to compete by simply limiting access to content. That means the only way to be competitive in today’s marketplace is to have the most high-quality content available that people are willing to pay [...]

From Chicago to Osaka: Screenplay for a Motion Picture

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In the spirit of award-winning indie romantic comedy/dramas form the early 2000's, From Chicago to Osaka is a screenplay written for the modern era. With fast-paced ping pong comedic dialogue in both English and Japanese, From Chicago to Osaka is the quintessential date movie for adults looking for something smart, sophisticated and highly-entertaining. The screenplay [...]

I Am a Ghost Movie Poster Project

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Here's something very exciting I finally feel like I can share! I was commissioned to illustrate a movie poster for an upcoming film called ‘I Am a Ghost,” developed by Tetsuki Ijichi for Rain Trail Pictures. A special thanks goes out to Tetsuki Ijichi for bringing me on board. Learn more about Rain Trail [...]

Would Persona 5 Work as a Film Series? A Persona 5 Live-Action Movie Adaptation Synopsis

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November 2020 Watch this 2020 Nightcrawlers Podcast by Tokyo Marketing Firm Hypermilk on the curse of video game movies and how one could adapt Persona 5 into a film series. An in-depth overview on how one of the greatest video games of this generation could be translated into a highly [...]

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