Wirehouse Co. decided to throw another gallery event for their seventh series and landed on the theme STRUGGLE for the night. We welcomed the biggest number of artists we had ever featured- a whopping 11 visual artists! We held the event at Homiey in Humboldt Park and had an awesome summer night showing off our artists work- complete with PBRs, wine, and music. We were so happy with the evening- and additionally thrilled that a majority of our artists sold work that night- and even after! Thanks for everyone who came out- we can’t wait to throw another gallery show!

A big shout out to goes to Whitney & Dustin Currier and Sarah Beckett for putting on an amazing show.

(photos by Michael)

Collaborators / Contributors
Homiey – Hosting Venue
Sarah Beckett – Event Designer & Featured Artist – Painting
Colin Beckett – Event Photographer & Featured Artist – Photography
Whitney Currier – Curator
Dustin Currier – Curator / DJ
Brett Hayes – DJ
Sarah Sears – Featured Artist – Spraypaint / Skateboards
Ben Chaplek – Featured Artist – Illustrator
Austin James Brady – Featured Artist – Oil Paint
Ramiro Silva – Featured Artist – Multimedia
Julie Campbell – Featured Artist – Photography
Michael Foster – Featured Artist – Acrylics & Ink
Betsy Lam – Featured Artist – Animation & Illustration
Xiaoqing Zhu – Featured Artist – Video
Emilee Bandita – Featured Artist – Illustration